Youth Empowerment and Skills Development 

Today, it is globally recognized that a focus on youth empowerment is fundamental for national development and preventing youth restiveness. Besides, the significance of youth empowerment to nation building cannot be underestimated considering the fact that youth constitute the majority in many societies. In essence, a nation that neglects its youth neglects its future. Based on this, there is a need to create an effective platform to enable youth to harness and utilize their abilities productively. ASAP West Africa believes in partnering with corporate bodies, NGOs, governments, and entrepreneurs to set up vocational centres for maximum capacity building for the youth. This project will afford youth the opportunity to develop their potential and acquire new skills to overcome poverty and contribute to societal development.

Children’s Right to Education

Education is one of the most important mechanisms that can be adopted to reduce the poverty and inequality plaguing human society. Education builds human capital and creates societal knowledge to stimulate sustainable economic growth. Sadly, illiteracy rates in West Africa are high. The Children’s Right to Education project encompasses two programs: advocacy for the right to education and improving the standard of education in West Africa. This project will prioritize promoting the right to education for girls, who currently have lower enrollment in schools. The purpose of emphasizing education for girls is to ensure equality and balance within our social system and institutions. Educating a girl not only empowers her to overcome the challenges of poverty but also enables her to contribute meaningfully to societal development. Relatedly, ICT-based education is currently under-utilized in West Africa, while the world is rapidly embracing digital and virtual learning systems. Thus, in order for West Africa to be in tandem with the developed world, ASAP West Africa is committed to spearheading ICT capacity building in West African schools for students and tutors.

Access T0 Justice

ASAP West Africa through the Lagos State Government Public Interest Law Partnership program seeks to provide a platform for vulnerable and indigent citizens that lack the wherewithal to initiate and prosecute cases in the court of law.

ASAP WEST Africa will engage the services of lawyers to represent the above-mentioned class of citizens in their quest to obtain justice as well as having a sense of belonging in the society.