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Nwede Chiamaka Stellamaris has emerged as the best contestant in the 2019 ASAP West Africa essay competition. Chiamaka is a 400 level student of science and computer education at Enugu State University of Science and Technology.



The World Bank is developing strategies to engage with key development stakeholders working to address the problems of policy formulation, economic diversification as well as poverty alleviation in Nigeria. Hence, a round table event is being organized in partnership with ASAP West Africa that will involve Civil Society Organisations as stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

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The roundtable event seeks to consolidate the efforts of government and stakeholders in the agriculture sector to diversify the economy as it is evident that Nigeria is a mono-economy reliant on crude oil as its major source of revenue. More importantly, it aims to create collaborations between Civil Society Organisations as well as Development Agencies towards ensuring that the business of agriculture in Nigeria is supported through effective regulatory practices,implementation of policies, efficient monitoring, quality control as well as advocacy.

Venue: World Bank Country Office

102 Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja

Date: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Time: 11.00am – 3.00pm






Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) West Africa is set to introduce its inaugural essay competition for undergraduate students, to be known as BANDELE OLANREWAJU ESSAY COMPETITION. The competition seeks to improve the reading culture of students, as well as assess their writing and analytical skills.

The essay competition will hold annually and is open to all undergraduate students in West Africa. The topic for this year’s competition is ‘’Eradication of poverty: a key factor in achieving social justice’’. Discuss. Essays can be written in English and French languages.

Entries will open on 24 July 2017 and close on 10 November 2017. The winner will be announced on 29 December 2017. Apart from receiving a cash prize of N100,000, the winner of the competition will have the opportunity to present the essay at the 2018 ASAP West Africa conference.

To participate, students should submit an essay of not more than 3,000 words as well as a short profile not more than 150 words. The profile should include name, institution, course of study and year of study. The essay and profile should be submitted to who submit more than one entry will be disqualified.

The inaugural ASAP West Africa Essay Competition for undergraduate students. Students are to write on the topic ‘’Eradication of poverty: a key factor in achieving social justice’’. Discuss. Entries will open on 24 July 2017……



  2016 Roundtable Event on Public Policy Formulation, Implementation and Monitoring

(ASAP) West Africa Chapter is delighted to announce its roundtable event on the role of universities, think-tanks and NGOs in public policy development, implementation and monitoring.

ASAP West Africa is developing strategies to engage with key development stakeholders working to address the problems of corruption, transparency and accountability in both the private and public sectors in Nigeria. Hence, a round table event is being put together that will involve academics, government agencies and development NGOs.

The roundtable event will facilitate the development of a new collaborative change theory, global collaborations and joint funding bids between academics, government agencies and development organizations. We would like you to share your experience of working collaboratively with partners, especially academic institutions/funding agencies/government agencies in Nigeria, to develop public policies.

Venue: Centre of Excellence in Media and Cinematography, Biodun Shobanjo Centre for Multimedia Journalism and Cinematography, University of Lagos

Date: Friday, 9th September, 2016

Time: 9:30am-2pm


Facilitator: Cat Tully, former Adviser to former British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair and Co-Founder, School of International Futures, United Kingdom

9:30am-10:00am: Arrival

10:00am-10:15am: Introduction

10:15am-10:45am: Challenge of Public Policy Research Funding (Vice Chancellors of University of Lagos and Lagos State University)

10:45-11:00am: Yale University and Public Policy Research Funding (Professor Thomas Pogge)

11:00am-11:30am: Theory of Change, Measurement and Evaluation, and the Challenge of Collaboration (DFID, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung).

11:30am-12:00noon: Deliberations and Discussions

12:00noon-12:30pm: Challenges of Developing Evidence-Based Public Policies (NEITI, NPA etc)

12:30pm-1:00pm:  Comments and Closing Remarks

2016 ASAP Conference

This year’s conference is coming on the heels of the successful inaugural ASAP Conference held last year, which highlighted the pernicious and perfidious corruption that permeates both the private and public sectors in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. Mr Waziri Adio, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) will deliver the keynote address on Corruption, Transparency and Accountability in Public and Private Sector Organisations. The keynote address will be followed by short interventions from the following distinguished invitees who will provide further insights into the theme of the Conference based on select sectoral perspectives:

Ms Cat Tully, former Adviser to former British Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair (Corruption, Development and Sustainable Development Goals)

DFID, Nigeria (Building Partnerships for Development and Accountability in Government)

Mr Innocent Chukwuma, Regional Representative, West Africa for Ford Foundation (Role of Funding Agencies)

Mr Muskilu Mojeed, Managing Editor, Premium Times (The Media and Investigative Journalism)

The theme of this year’s conference reflects the near existential struggle in Africa, between pervasive official corruption and the mainstreaming of poverty on the continent. The 2016 ASAP Conference is geared towards stimulating discussions and shared experience on corruption, transparency and accountability in public and private institutions.

ASAP and its global affiliates have been at the forefront of the global effort to promote more transparency and accountability in private and public institutions. In the last few years, our work, through one of our affiliates, Global Financial Integrity, led to the publication of the renowned report on Illicit Financial Flow which instigated the media investigations that led to the release of the globally acclaimed Panama Papers, as well as the publication of Global Tax Fairness by our President, Professor Thomas Pogge, Director of Global Justice Program at Yale University.

For this year’s conference, ASAP West Africa expects participants from some key government agencies, the media, civil society groups, funding agencies and members of the academic community.

Venue: Afe Babalola Auditorium, University of Lagos

Date: Thursday, 8th September, 2016

Time: 9am-2pm


9am-10am: Arrival and Registration

10am-10:10am: Introduction and Invitation of Guests

10:10am-10:15am: Welcome by ASAP West Africa

10:15am-10:20am: Address by Professor Iyiola Oni, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos

10:20am-10:30am: Speech by Professor Rahman Bello, Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos

10:30am-11:00am: Keynote Lecture: Mr. Waziri Adio, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI)

11:00am-11:30am: Response to Keynote Address (Media), Premium Times

11:30am-11:45am: Response to Keynote Address (Development Community), Ms. Cat Tully

11:45am-12:00noon: Response to Keynote Address (DFID)

12:00noon-12:15pm: Response to Keynote Address (Ford Foundation)

12:15pm-12:30pm: Responses from Participants

12:30-1:00pm: Goodwill Messages

1:00pm-2:00pm: Closing



Inaugural Symposium of Academics Stand Against Poverty, West Africa Chapter
Venue: Julius Berger Auditorium, University of Lagos
Date: Tuesday, 27th January 2015
Theme: Political Campaigns Funding and the Looming Tsunami of Poverty.
keynote Address: Professor Akin Oyebode (Professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, University of Lagos).


After long years of military rule, Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999. However, fifteen years after, Nigerians are yet to reap the dividends of democracy.  Democracy in Nigeria is characterized by several anomalies which include: human rights abuse, disrespect for the rule of law, political violence, election rigging, bitter rivalry, religious and ethnic sentiments and corruption. Others include: mismanagement of the nations resources,insecurity, political intolerance, lack of access to basic amenities of life to mention but few.

Chief amongst the problems plaguing Nigeria is high level of corruption. As a matter of fact corruption has become endemic in the nation’s body politics. Needless stressing the fact that political corruption which can be traced to the iniquitous need to satisfy the urge of political godfathers and sponsors who bankroll the campaigns of candidates that eventually get elected into political office, is another major problem of Nigeria.

The end result of political corruption is the diversion of public funds meant for developmental purposes into private accounts. Unfortunately, such political misdemeanor has not only set the nation backward but largely has contributed to the increasing level of poverty in the nation.In the fifteen years of this on-going democratic experiment, the only visible growth in the country is the democratization of poverty.

In view of the foregoing, ASAP (West African Chapter) in collaboration with Premium Times the leading online investigative newspaper in Nigeria will be organizing a one-day symposium targeted at addressing these ills that have affected the maturation of our democracy and national development. This symposium becomes necessary considering the general elections scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2015 in Nigeria. The symposium therefore serves as an opportunity to lend a voice to the looming inequality and tsunami of poverty threatening the structural foundation of the country. ASAP believes that one of the ways to tackle poverty is to attack the root cause of poverty which is corruption.

About ASAP

Academic Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an Organisation established in the United States of America by Thomas Pogge (Director of the Global Justice Program and Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University) to bring together academics from various institutions across the globe with the vision to fight poverty and aid development. At present, ASAP has fifteen chapters: Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Oceania, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and West Africa.

 List of Speakers

Chief Host: Professor Rahman Ade Bello, Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos

Chairperson- Professor A.M Ninalowo (Professor of Sociology, University of Lagos)

Keynote Speaker- Professor Akin Oyebode (Professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, University of Lagos)

Professor Thomas Pogge (Professor of Philosophy, Yale University and President, Academics Stand Against Poverty)

Professor Ralph Akinfeleye (Professor of Journalism and Communication, University of Lagos): Media and Watchdog Role in the Society

Mr Femi Aribisala, Public Analyst

Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, Public Analyst

Mr Femi Falana, Public Analyst

Mr Dapo Olorunyomi: MD, Premium Times: Investigative Journalism and Transparency in Government

Mr Innocent Chukwuma: Regional Representative for West Africa, Ford Foundation: The Culture of Impunity and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

Dr Hussein Abdu: Director, Action Aid, Nigeria: Dividends of Poverty/Democracy?

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