About us

ASAP West Africa Chapter was established in Lagos, Nigeria to work towards eradicating poverty in West Africa in line with the vision of ASAP Global, with hopes of having a snowball effect in the entire region. Through the efforts of academics and interested stakeholders, the membership base for ASAP West Africa is expanding rapidly. The establishment of ASAP West Africa Chapter is timely considering how deep poverty has ravaged the region. Poverty and its attendant effects have been tolerated long enough – ASAP West Africa has developed a strong will to champion the expansion of a global network to help scholars, teachers and students contribute and actively participate in alleviating poverty globally.

Our objective is to use education to proffer solutions to the lingering social, economic and environmental depravations, and human rights violations in the region. In this regard, ASAP West Africa is committed to promoting collaboration amongst academics, researchers and stakeholders. A key component of our strategy is exploring academic research in identifying societal issues that negatively affect development and elevate poverty. Consequently, we will initiate specific projects targeted at eradicating the menace of poverty and related issues. ASAP West Africa is committed to partnering with individuals, institutions and organizations that share our vision of poverty eradication. Additionally, we will employ the use of regional advocacy through conferences and seminars, public lectures, academic mentorship and internships for students, enlightenment campaigns, stakeholders’ town hall meetings, global collaborations and publications. To ensure our projects remain aligned with the specificity of purpose for which they were designed, we lay emphasis on monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. For all enquires, Contact us at: oluwaseunolanrewaju@asapwestafrica.org



Oluwaseun Olanrewaju is a legal consultant and researcher who holds an L.L.B, B.L from Lagos State University and the Nigerian Law School. He is also a graduate of the University of East London where he obtained an MSc in Politics and International Relations. His research project, “The influence of non-governmental organizations on human rights in Nigeria”, examines the role of non-governmental organizations in advocating for the entrenchment of human right norms and the challenges they encounter in their pursuits. While in the UK, he was a researcher at the International Centre for Development Initiatives (ICDI). He is a member of Peace and Justice Studies Association, Washington D.C and has conducted research for various organizations, including the World Bank on its developmental project: Enabling The Business of Agriculture initiated to promote ‘’smart regulations that ensure safety and quality control as well as efficient regulatory processes that support thriving agribusinesses’’. His research focuses on politics and public policy, democracy and the rule of law in Africa, ethnic politics and marginalization, and human rights. He lectures students of the National Open University of Nigeria on politics. Oluwaseun is the Director of Administration/Coordinator – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at oluwaseunolanrewaju@asapwestafrica.org


Ismail Ibraheem is a graduate of the prestigious University of Leicester, United Kingdom where he obtained Master’s and PhD qualifications in communications, politics and public policy analysis. He also attended the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he obtained degrees in mass communication and political science. Dr. Ibraheem has a wealth of experience working for private, public and voluntary sector organizations in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. A former British Chevening Scholar, Dr. Ibraheem currently works as a Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, a UNESCO Centre of Excellence in Journalism and Communication. Prior to joining the University of Lagos in June 2011, he was Chair of NI4 Think Tank, UK (a public policy monitoring group set up to advise the government in the East Midlands region on the uptake of empowerment initiatives). At various times, he was a Visiting Lecturer at Coventry University, Northampton University, Lincoln University and Leicester University. Dr. Ibraheem also served as Chair of the UK-based Centre for African Resources Research and Development, Founding Director of Communication and Strategy, Centre for Free Speech, Nigeria, and Director of the Media and Governance Programme/ Editor of LIBERTY Magazine/ Coordinator of Journalists Outreach for Human Rights, Civil Liberties Organisation, Nigeria. Dr Ibraheem is the Director of Programmes/Co-chair – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at ismailibraheem@asapwestafrica.org


Adepoju Tejumaiye is a Senior Lecturer in Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He holds B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Mass Communication. He has taught in four other universities in Nigeria, including: Babcock University, OlabisiOnabanjo University, Redeemer’s University and Caleb University. For the past ten years, Adepoju has conducted research in the area of mass media and identity development of children, political advertising, ethics of the mass media, and environmental communication. He is a member of the African Council of Communication Education as well as member of the Association of Communication Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria. He has contributed to articles in international and national journals, and has also published books around mass media research. He is enthusiastic about applying social research as well as the mass media to reduce or eradicate poverty. Tejumaiye serves as the Director of Research/Co-chair – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at adepojutejumaiye@asapwestafrica.org


Jeremie Nare holds a Master’s Degree in NGO and Development Management (for which he was awarded a distinction) and a First-Class Honours Degree in International Development: the Third World with NGO Management from the University of East London. He is a consultant specializing in NGO and Development Management for several development communities and NGOs based in Europe and in developing countries. Jeremie is a member of the London International Development Centre (LIDC). His most recent work, ‘Exploring good practices in overcoming social deprivation’, was funded by the United Kingdom-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI). This research project aims to map and disseminate good practices for overcoming deprivations in urban communities of London and Mumbai. He has four main research interests: human wellbeing and development, microfinance, and sustainable livelihoods, poverty and inequality, and HIV/AIDS in the world. The multi-lingual Jeremie, who is from Burkina Faso serves as the Director of Expansion/Development for French speaking West African countries – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at jeremienare@asapwestafrica.org


Tunde Olusola Ayanwale holds a Master of Science degree in Brand Management from University of East London, UK and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication from Redeemers University, Nigeria. Ayanwale is currently a Managing Partner/Consultant at Graffiti Strategic Communications based in Nigeria. Over the years, his distinguished professional expertise, competence, and consultation have helped different clients such as political organizations, the media, NGOs, businesses, and a host of other clients to achieve remarkable success. He has a vision of bringing his successful professional practice into academia in the near future, as he is currently working towards attaining his doctorate degree in political communication and development. His research interests include political communication, Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethical branding, good governance, and media advocacy. Ayanwale is the Director of Strategy and Planning – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at olusolaayanwale@asapwsetafrica.org


Abubakri Yekini is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Lagos State University, Nigeria. He studied Law at Lagos State University and Nigerian Law School, where he graduated with First class Honours. He received his L.L.M from the University of Lagos and is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Aberdeen. Before joining the Lagos State University as a Lecturer, he worked as a researcher for various human rights groups. His research interests include human rights, constitutional law and legal reforms, labour law, international law and jurisprudence. He is the Legal Adviser – ASAP West Africa. Contact him at abubakriyekini@asapwestafrica.org

To partner with us on any of these projects, contact us at 

oluwaseunolanrewaju@asapwestafrica.org or academics@asapwestafrica.org